The old Practical Fishing School in Sozopol

Sep. 24, 2022

On February 29, 1924, the 11th Ordinary National Assembly voted to establish a "Practical Fishing School" for which BGN 5,000,000 was allocated, with the possibility of additional funding. After a study, a special committee proposed that a school building be built on the island of St. Kyrikos (Father St. St. Kyrik and Yulita), and the Sozopol municipality considers this election particularly successful and gives the place free of charge.

Kraft beer that helps Ukraine

Apr. 13, 2022

The kraft beer is produced in small batches, from microbreweries or at home. In recent years, this production is becoming increasingly popular, both around the world and in Bulgaria. See in the video how this beer helps Ukraine.

In support of Ukraine

Apr. 8, 2022

After 28 years, the British band Pink Floyd came together to record their new song Hey, Hey, Rise Up! Who is Andriy Khlivnyuk and how did one of his videos from social media reached David Gilmore? See in the video!

The Power of the Spirit

Feb. 3, 2022

You will probably think that this is the most common penguin, but the truth is that this little Antarctic bird will warm your hearts with its extraordinary story of strength of spirit and friendship.

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