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"West of Hell"

Vladimir Putin announced the start of his special military operation on February 24, 2022. And the world woke up to the news that war was back in Europe. The Russian army decided to advance from three locations - towards the heart of Ukraine, Kiev, via Antonov airport; towards Kherson, the gateway to the Black Sea via the Dnieper; and via Mariupol, towards the now occupied territories. The tension that had been building up for months on Ukraine's borders poured out in the form of rockets, tanks and thousands of soldiers who crossed over to the other side, into a foreign country, and began to wreak havoc unseen for years. Millions of Ukrainians woke up to the sound of explosions and headed for shelters in panic. A year after the war began, our team traveled to Ukraine to see the situation in the worst attacked areas.

Author:  Anastasia Dimitrova
Cinematographer: Alexander Shopov

"85 years Sofia Airport"

At the airport we send and receive - relatives, friends, colleagues. This is the place that takes us to our dream destinations. For 85 years Sofia Airport has been our gateway to the world. It is one of the oldest airports i Europe. In the 1920s and 1930s our country was part of the rapid development of aviation. In 1939 the building of Terminal 1 of Sofia Airport was built and put into operation, and 9 years later the first concrete runway was made. After the 1990s Terminal 1 was renovated, and after 2000 work began on a completely new runway and Terminal 2, which opened in December 2006. Everyone working at Sofia Airport and the crews in the air make sure that the number of take-offs equals the number of landings. Some of them talk about their work and their love for aviation, while Sof Connect's Managing Director, Jesus Caballero, shares future development plans for the capital's airport.

Author: Jivko Konstantinov
Cinematographer: Blagoy Momchilov 

"Ekaterina Karavelova - Days of Change"

Ruse is proud that the life path of a great Bulgarian woman started from here, who not only left a trace behind her, but also managed, despite the many tragedies in her personal life, to break the clichés about women in society. The documentary "Ekaterina Karavelova - Days of Change" takes the viewer along the footsteps of Ekaterina Karavelova and the places around Ruse connected with her. They are presented in a very interesting way as a walk of a group of students from the Ruse school "Olimpi Panov", who at the end share how Ekaterina Karavelova inspired them. 

Author: Teodora Petrova
Cinematographer: Teodora Petrova, Ivan Tringov, Georgi Yavashev


Story telling


Ruin, collapsed buildings, shattered destinies, shock, despair. Nearly a month after the earthquakes, Turkey and Syria are struggling to recover from the initial horror. After the night of 6 February, tens of thousands lost their lives under tons of concrete and iron, and millions were left homeless. But hope was not dashed. That same day, Bulgarian teams organized in just a few hours and traveled to our southern neighbor to search for survivors. Firefighters and volunteers from the Mountain Rescue Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross set off in a race against time.

Author: Irina Ivanova
Cameraman: Irina Ivanova, Yulian Stoyanov


The video tells how after 1879 Sofia became a European city, as well as who is the architect who built most of the emblematic buildings in the capital.

The video is the winner of the Grand Prize "Golden Rose" in the category "Television" at the third annual awards of the Ministry of Tourism in 2018.

Author: Jivko Konstantinov
Cameraman: Emil Alexandrov


"PACEM IN TERRIS - PEACE OF EARTH" - under this motto, went the visit of Pope Francis to Bulgaria in 2019. It is a memorial to another pope - Pope John XXIII, who headed the Holy See in the middle of the last century. Why he is known as the "Bulgarian Pope", see in the video.

Author: Yana Nikolova
Cameraman: Blagoy Momchilov


Energetic and discovering the positive in every situation, with an open smile and a shrewd look, he attracted thousands. What did Boyan Petrov think about the end of the trip, was he afraid of death, of the peaks, of Shishapangma?

Author: Dragomir Tanev


How does the Northern Lights sound and is it possible for a mobile phone to read the sound of one of the most beautiful phenomena on our planet? A team from NOVA was the only one in Bulgaria to film the world's first symphony composed through artificial intelligence (AI).

Author: Hristiania Chervenkova
Cameraman: Georgi Georgiev

Gamcheon Culture Village 

A former refugee camp in South Korea has been turned into a beautiful colorful village that attracts millions of tourists each year. With its steep hills, winding streets, breathtaking views, delicious food and countless opportunities to take unique photos, the village becomes a must-see destination if you visit Busan.

Author: Alexandra Taseva
Cameramen: Alexandra Taseva, Christian Popov


At the end of last year, NOVA was the only Bulgarian media outlet to attend the Smart Cities of the Future forum, organized for the  Association of Southeast Asian Nations –Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit in Busan. It was there that our team saw the innovative technologies for recycling not only water but also household waste.

Author: Alexandra Taseva
Cameramen: Alexandra Taseva, Christian Popov


In the country of morning freshness they have been introducing and maintaining a toll system since 1969. Today, the service is easy and accessible through a small solar on-board device that anyone can purchase. See what drivers in Korea have to say about one of the oldest toll systems in the world.

Author: Alexandra Taseva 


Blocked streets, special forces, broken windows, tear gas and tractors in front of parliament. This is what Greece looked like in 2016. Then the dissatisfaction of Greek farmers crossed all boundaries. With their whistles of anger and darkened looks of discontent, they set the tone for discontent in Athens.

Author: Lachezar Valev
Cameraman: Todor Todorov


The date is April 26, 1986, Pripyat, Ukraine. The employees of the Chernobyl power plant were ordered to perform a planned stress test of the power supply system of the 4th reactor. It was then that several detonations occurred, leading to a large explosion. This marks the beginning of the Chernobyl nightmare.

Author: Lora Indjova
Cameramen: Miroslav Minev, Valeri Tsvetanov


In 2016, the largest passenger plane landed in Sofia. Mario Bakalov shares about the dream come true to land the biggest plane on home land.

Author: Mihaela Karabelova
Cameraman: Petar Simeonov

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Short sketches

Cool colleague - Wednesday in the office [BG]

Cool colleague - It's Friday! [BG]

SEXual harassment [BG]

This is a robbery! [BG]

In early 2021, the comedy YouTube channel named Sketch Band began it's work in Bulgaria.
The main producer and director of the project is Veselin Stoyanov - Lino.
The short sketches feature actors like Jeny Roeva, Raya Beleva, Mitko Jivkov, Miro Simeonov and others.   

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