"She is extremely creative in her work as a video editor! Always dedicated and looking for the best way to make a product perfect. Meticulous on every detail. I highly recommend het to anyone who wants to create a video, report, TV spot, commercial or any product that requires perfect knowledge, creativity and a different look! "

Jivko Konstantinov

"Excellent professional. She has a sense of content and message that needs to be conveyed. Her technical skills and training are uncompromising, and her response in crisis situations is expert, fast and calm. She has a sense of the shots not only visually but also in terms of content. She understands the suggestions and makes an excellent selection and arrangement. Her skills in selecting a musical layout and mishung are excellent. I appreciate her work high."

Iveta Shiligarova

"An amazing professional with a combinatorial character and creative thinking! It's a pleasure to work with her!"

Vasilena Grubcheva

"Dynamics is Alex Taseva's strength. As an editor, she has proven that she can handle when it's most stressful. She knows how to coordinate a team and delegate tasks. She is aware of the genre characteristics and specifics of different products and complies with the rules but without working clichéd. She can think "out of the box" and he doesn't compromise on quality."

Christian Popov

"Alexandra is an exceptional professional. She has three obligatory qualities for her direct work - excellent knowledge of many different technologies, fast and accurate method of work and a faithful eye for the perfect vision. She works perfectly in a team and observes work discipline. Very cheerful and positive person."

Carmelita Toneva-Stancheva
executive producer

"Professional, proven editor of videos and reports. The projects in which she has participated are always world-class."

Metodi Vladimirov
TV presenter

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